Amy’s Smart Girls: Etsy Spotlight


One special participant of October’s Instagram Challenge will receive a special prize package from our October Etsy Spotlight Shop: The Bakers Confections. We loved their eco-friendly party supplies and entrepreneurial creativity. Check out their bio below and get involved! 

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How “The Bakers Confections" began…

While working together at a kitchen supply store in the historic Old Port in Portland, Maine and dreaming of something bigger we both started dessert catering businesses on the side. A love of baking and creating was something we both shared and has been a part of us since we were knee high to our moms in the kitchen. Esther studied fine arts at Maine College of Art and Shauna studied culinary arts at SMCC. It didn’t take long for us to realize that two brains developing a new business would be better (and more fun) than one. We joined forces to create The Bakers Confections which started out as a dessert catering business but has evolved and changed over the years. In September 2009 we opened our online baking and party supply shop on Etsy so we could offer some of the fun baking products we loved and used to others. We are proud to say that it has become our full time job. We still bake, now it is primarily to test out new products and to create displays for our product photos.

Our business runs well because it is a team effort. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. Thank goodness they are balanced out between the two of us! Esther is the creative mind, stylist and photographer. Shauna takes care of the numbers and makes sure we are doing what we need to do for our business to be operating right. We both scope out new baking and party trends to make sure we are offering the products our customers are looking for and are keeping up with the ever changing times.

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